The scenic town of Jacksboro has generated some unparalleled outdoor spots with its geographic location, but it also has a ton of amenities and much more making it the ideal city! Situated just north of Rocky Top, Jacksboro and other towns in the area like LaFollette, Elk Valley and Newcomb have exactly what you need to successfully raise a family. Jacksboro is in one those regions where you never know what your day is going to consist of, so come make this adventurous area your new home!

Here in the Cumberland Plateau region, there's a massive coal field which is the largest producer of bituminous coal in the state! In addition, it has a diverse manufacturing base, producing food items, motorcycle trailers and military products. Children in the area will attend reputable schools from the Campbell County School District. Surrounded by soaring mountains, tranquil lakes and dense forests, you will surely enjoy living in Jacksboro!